Use Pro Components Alone

The scaffold of Ant Design Pro provides a set of default components, which abstract common block in admin interfaces. We will continue to maintain and iterate these components to provide a higher level of abstraction than Ant Design for admin interfaces.


The components in the scaffold of Ant Design Pro are divided into two types:

For scaffolding users, you can import/add/reform pro's built-in components directly. Please refer to new components for specific usage.

For users without using scaffold, we provide a way to use pro's built-in components.

Default components will be published to ant-design-pro in npm's repository.

$ npm install ant-design-pro@latest --save
import 'ant-design-pro/dist/ant-design-pro.css'; // Import whole style

Then you can import pro's components like Ant Design.

import Result from 'ant-design-pro/lib/Result';

ReactDOM.render(<Result type="success" />, mountNode);

Load on demand#

You can use babel-plugin-import to load on demand. After adding this plugin, you can write it like this.

import { Result } from 'ant-design-pro';

ReactDOM.render(<Result type="success" />, mountNode);

This method is recommended.

babel-plugin-import Configuration is as follows:

    libraryName: 'ant-design-pro',
    libraryDirectory: 'lib',
    style: true,
    camel2DashComponentName: false,

> Note that pro's components is dependent on antd@3.0 by default and you need to ensure consistency with antd‘s version.

## Document & FeedBack

You can find all components, demos and API documents on [the components' page](

Components will continue to iterate with the scaffold's update. If you have any questions and demands, you can feed back [here](

- Latest Version:[![ant-design-pro](](
- [Change Log](/docs/changelog)