Layout is the outermost structure for a project, usually consists of navigation, footer, sidebar, notification and content. There are also a lot of different layouts within a page.

Layout in Ant Design Pro#

We abstract common layouts in Ant Design Pro, and put them in /layouts, includes:

  • BasicLayout: Basic Layout, includes header navigation, sidebar and notification.

  • BlankLayout: Blank Layout
  • UserLayout: Layout for login and sign-ups.


To manage mappings between routes and pages, we could configure config/router.config.js as follows:

module.exports = [
    path: '/',
    component: '../layouts/BasicLayout', // layout for pages in routes
    routes: [
      // dashboard
      { path: '/', redirect: '/dashboard/analysis' },
        path: '/dashboard',
        name: 'dashboard',
        icon: 'dashboard',
        routes: [
          { path: '/dashboard/analysis', name: 'analysis', component: './Dashboard/Analysis' },
          { path: '/dashboard/monitor', name: 'monitor', component: './Dashboard/Monitor' },
          { path: '/dashboard/workplace', name: 'workplace', component: './Dashboard/Workplace' },

See router.js for more details.

And more router config could be found in:Umi router

Router config for Pro#

We extend some configuration for Ant Design Pro's nav menu and authority.

  name: 'dashboard',
  icon: 'dashboard',
  hideInMenu: true,
  hideChildrenInMenu: true,
  hideInBreadcrumb: true,
  authority: ['admin'],
  • name: display name in menu and breadcrumb. Note that it is the key of locales data, you can change display text in /src/locales/en-US.js.
  • icon: icon type of menu item.
  • hideInMenu: whether hide itself in menu, default false
  • hideChildrenInMenu: whether hide it's children in menu, default false.
  • hideInBreadcrumb: whether hide itself in breadcrumb, default false.
  • authority: authority key, see more in Authority Management

Ant Design Components for layout#

Ant Design currently provides two components for layout: Layout and Grid.

Grid Component#

Grid layout is widely used, one of its major benefits is responsiveness.

Grid Component provided by Ant Design is tremendously powerful. you can set span, responsive columns, and optional flex layout. It covers a majority of use-cases: See Grid for details.

Layout Component#

If you need more structured layout components, then Layout is your best option. You only need to fill in the blanks to build professional layout. See Layout for details.

Building layout components for specific use cases.#

Under most cases, we will build more specific components from the above ones, that includes navigation, sidebar, notification, titles etc., An example would be BasicLayout from Ant Design Pro.

We put layout components inside layouts, parrallel to pages and components. It is worth noting that layout components has no fundamental difference from other components, just that it deals with layout.

Beside components provided by Ant Design React, you could try layout components from communication recommendation.